The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

the moon holds fast on the longest night

how I’ve held you close against its cold light
our woven world of slumber and sway
of lullabies mantras and peekaboo play
come with me now and we’ll greet the new year
you’ll orbit adventure as your birthday draws near
you’ll voyage through worlds gaze tilted elsewhere
constellations of light a shooting star’s flare
and as the days lengthen and as the earth turns
remember I love you I’ll always return

About the Writer

Amaleena Damlé

Amaleena is a poet, writer, and a university lecturer in French literature. In all of her different forms of writing, she likes to think about how we experience our bodies, our feelings, and our relationships with each other. Her poems have appeared in various literary magazines and journals, including Acropolis, After, Atrium, Dreich, Dust, IceFloe Press, Ink Sweat & Tears, The French Literary Review, and Sarasvati.