The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Zeb the Zombie

Listen to Maree read her poem ...
Zeb the Zombie walks alone,
as classmates scream and scurry,
It makes him feel so monstrous,
when they laugh and shriek and hurry.

It wasn't always grim like this,
when small he had some mates,
but they all left; they couldn’t stand
the smell that he creates.

Sometimes he wonders what to do,
and why he’s so revolting.
Is it because he has no heart,
and that he’s always moulting?

School playtime is the worst for him,
kids call him names and stuff
like: "Weirdo Zombie Zeb, you smell! "
until he’s had enough.

When suddenly there's May Mcleod,
a new girl from his year,
she stands too close and looks at him,
his pain she seems to hear.

May tells him, she too finds it hard,
to socialise and play,
when others want to scream and shout,
she would prefer to stay

inside the library where it's safe,
with books predictable,
and would he like to join her there
to read prose fictional?

So now at last Zeb’s found someone
who seems to understand,
when others call him Zombie boy,
she'll come and hold his hand.

And just like that they're friends for life,
bound by a common thought,
that loud and tough don't always win,
and true love's seldom caught.

Zeb has outlived his mortal peers,
as Zombie's tend to last,
and May Mcleod's a witch it seems,
a spell on him she's cast.

They laugh about their playground days,
the bullies and their jeering,
for Zeb is now a brain surgeon,
and May's in engineering.

About the Writer

Maree Grant

Maree is a Primary school teacher working in Scotland. She's lived in Scotland for ages but is originally from Lower Hutt, New Zealand. She loves to write poetry with her class of 11 year olds and also enjoys mucking around on a mountain bike, getting muddy and hiding in different places round the house to read. She has a special interest in the autistic brain, both personally and professionally. This is her first published poem.