The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Your Journey

Listen to Kirsty reading her poem ...
Are you a big ferry, who chugs along slow?
You happily take your time, know where to go

Are you a smooth plane, who is highest of all?
Your power and strength can impress and enthral

Are you a safe train, who stays firm on the tracks?
Your route is set clear, you sit back and relax

Are you a large airship, who floats in the blue?
You’re not in a hurry, you soak in the view

Are you a fast race-car who dashes about?
Your aim is to win, you’re the best you’ve no doubt

Are you a small bike, who just pedals along
Your progress is steady, you’re quietly strong

We all travel differently, in our own way
I hope you don’t mind, I’ll end on a cliché

What matters is not where you hope to arrive
But loving the journey, and who’s by your side.

About the Writer

Kirsty Tomlin

Kirsty writes and illustrates picture books, short stories and poems for children. She lives in beautiful Derbyshire with her three children and husband. She has been a primary school teacher in a past life and has worked for a number of children’s charities. When she is not writing and drawing, she can be found walking, playing, throwing stones in the river and reading to her lovely children.