The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Your Time to Transform

You build your home around you,
What will you do inside?
Your whole body wrapped in it,
You wish you’d planned ahead.

You’ve always crawled on six legs,
What if you cannot fly?
Ignoring the instructions,
Too late, your chance has gone.

You don’t know how to grow wings,
Have they already formed?
It must hurt when they burst through,
No textbooks here to check.

Completely dark inside now,
Can you change without light?
You wish you’d brought a firefly,
Not least for company.

A glint of light shines on you,
Which stage should you be on?
You cannot move or wriggle,
You might not be complete.

The light is shining brighter,
Do you know what this means?
You gradually unravel,
You’re scared of what comes next.

A loud crack and then daylight,
But will these new wings work?
You cling on gripping tightly,
You’re worried you might slip.

A strange pumping sensation,
Where is this coming from?
It isn’t in your body,
It feels so far away.

A woosh, now you are gliding,
But where do you go now?
A blinding burst of colour,
Perhaps you’ll follow that.

The colours now all settle,
What do you do to land?
A gentle noise below you,
“Flap slower, then just dip.”

Surrounded by new insects,
Do you feel you fit in?
You recognise some patterns,
Your friends have transformed too.

About the Writer

Catherine Londero

Catherine is a mum to two boys aged three and six. Having been diagnosed Autistic late in life, it led her on a journey of self-discovery during which Catherine entered the world of children's stories and more recently poems. She writes stories with neurodivergent characters and also online articles charting her experience of being neurodivergent without knowing for so long!