The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Witch Stew

Our empty bellies grumble.
We’re hungry for a stew.
It’s time to grab the cauldron
To make a tasty brew!

GOBLIN GOO is added.
It’s tricky to acquire.
But gives an eerie color
And a texture we desire.

To add a zesty spice.
The frothy bubbles made
Are also very nice.

Will add in quite the zing.
And that metallic crunch
Will make us witches sing.

Mix in PIXIE POO drops.
A glittery creation.
The smell is steamy dreamy.
A perfect presentation.

A chilling GHOSTLY BOO.
The pot releases steam.
Not too hot, not too cold.
It’s sure to make us scream!

This yummy magic mixture
is just about complete.
There’s only one thing missing…
It’s something very sweet:

Goblin goo ✓
Zombie shoe ✓
Frankie’s screw ✓
Pixie poo ✓
Ghostly boo ✓

The missing ingredient is …

About the Writer

Bri Lawyer

Bri is a former third-grade teacher with a Master's Degree in education turned stay-at-home mom pursuing a writing career. When Bri isn't writing, she can be found reading, playing games, dreaming about where to vacation next, or spending time with her husband and two littles. Bri has had winning entries in numerous writing contests including KidLit Vibes ‘23, Kids’ Choice ‘23, Valentiny '23, and an honorable mention in 50 Precious Words '23.