The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Winter’s Trees

Outside, bare trees dance in the gusty storms
Stripped naked by Mother Nature,
Frozen by Jack Frost,
Glistening with dew drops
Sparkling with snowflakes
Waiting for Springtime to come
And dress them in the new season’s colours.

Inside, busy trees stand to attention
Overdressed in bright, brash baubles
Laden with light bulbs
Glistening with glitter
Sparkling with tinsel
Waiting for Santa to come
And leave sackfuls of toys in their shadow.

About the Writer

Morna Sullivan

Morna Sullivan has always had a love of stories. She is a member of the Coney Island Writers Group and a SCWBI member in Belfast. While chasing that elusive publishing deal, she also expresses herself creatively through baking, gardening, crafts and photography.