The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Willow Emerald Damselfly

Guardian of the willow trees
A shimmering emerald jewel,
Hovers in the summer breeze
Across the shallow pool.

Armoured in metallic green
Harmonious by nature,
Friendliest damsel ever seen,
The Woodland Peacemaker.

Slender body taking flight
Above the weeping willow,
Soaking up the sunlight,
Watch her flutter and glow.

Nestled in a crook of the bark,
The damselfly is laid to rest,
Listening to a tuneful skylark
Songs from a feathered guest.

Fun Fact:
Female willow emerald damselflies lay their eggs in the bark of willow trees. They have toothed jaws to help them cut through bark.

About the Writer

Giuseppina De Falco

Josie grew up in a large Victorian house full of mystery, storytelling and plays with her big Italian/English family. Her inspiration is her children and own childhood memories in the Yorkshire Dales, and beautiful seaside coast of Filey. Josie is an advocate for encouraging children to explore their imagination through nature, and support their mental wellbeing. Her childhood nickname is Tinker Bell and a fan of the books Flower Fairies. Josie runs her own children’s bookselling business Wishing Willow Tales.