The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Why All Cats Need A Friend

Listen to Jay read his poem ...
A cat can lick his belly
and his body and his tail.
A cat can lick his back,
in fact, down to the last detail.
A cat can lick his hips and haunches
(everyone agrees),
and every cat, he knows
to lick his nose and both his knees.
A cat can lick his legs, his lips,
a cat is clean because
a cat can lick his elbows,
and his shoulders and his paws.

But every cat must have a friend
because by now it’s clear:
a cat can lick most everywhere,
except behind his ears.

About the Writer

Jay Brazeau

Jay Brazeau is an emerging poet from Ottawa, Canada but someday he’d like to live in a place where cats strut around in houndstooth jackets. You can find Jay’s poems buried in notebooks crammed onto a small shelf in his closet. But … he once won a hamburger for a poem about chicken (and considered it a pretty good payday).