The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

White Horses

Who loosed the white horses today,
with their galloping hooves in the sea?
Who loosed the white horses today,
cascading, foam-flying manes free?
Who loosed them to shake their proud heads in the bay,
where no bridle controls them, no saddle contains them,
no rein can compel them to turn or give way?
Who loosed the white horses today?

Who loosed the white horses today
to prance and be skittish and race?
Who loosed the white horses today -
and why have they come to this place?
Who loosed them to frolic and nicker and neigh
as they speed to the shore, as they jostle and play?
Can you hear them draw nearer, increasing their pace?
Can you taste the salt spray, feel their power, see them chase?
Watch them rear, buck and then… disappear without trace!
Who loosed those white horses today?

About the Writer

Rhona Stephens

Rhona grew up in Northern Ireland, went to university in Wales, moved to England for a while, then headed north of the border to live in Scotland. She loves words and music, living in the country and visiting the coast - especially the north coast of Ireland.