The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Where is my Bear?

I don’t want this bear,
A never been kissed bear,
I only want my bear,
My smelly one-eyed bear,
My cosy old scruff bear,
My limp empty fluff bear,
Oh where is my bear?

I don’t want new bear,
This smells like shampoo bear,
This fake phoney guest bear,
Who’s dressed in his best bear,
I need to find old bear,
My easy to hold bear,
Oh where is my bear?

About the Writer

Elenore Byrne

Elenore writes poetry and picture books for children. She is a member of SCBWI and is published in Bridgit Magee's 10.10 Poetry Anthology. Prior to writing, she worked with children as a Clinical Psychologist in New Zealand. She lives in a village in Zurich, Switzerland with her husband and 3 children. When she is not writing she is trying to keep up with her busy family.