The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

When a Noise Annoys

When it’s too screechy, when it’s too preachy,
that’s when a noise annoys,
but when it’s peachy or speechy or play-on-the-beachy,
noise is a booming joy.

When it’s too grouty or pouty or shouty,
that’s when a noise annoys,
but when it’s sprouty, chill-outy or messing-abouty,
noise is a cracking joy.

When it’s too chewy, or fully of gluey,
that’s when a noise annoys,
but when it’s wordy and birdy and all lemon-curdy,
or rhymy and shiny and bell-tower-chimey,
or giggly and sniggly and cute-little-pigly
or musical-bumping, and can’t-stop-you-jumping,
then noise is a joy, let it fill up your day
in a sweet-sounding, tuneful, non-annoying way.

About the Writer

Jude Simpson

Jude writes and performs poetry, comedy and music. She also writes scripts and lyrics for musical plays. Having created poems for adults over many years, she now also writes and performs for children. Michael Rosen described her as "funny, sharp, and a terrific performer!" Jude lives in the East of England, in a big house with lots of people and one dog.