The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

When April Comes … ACHOO!

An army of flowers is invading my nostrils.
It starts with a tingle, the first pollen flying through newly open windows.
Mom says she’s letting in the fresh breeze, but I think she may be working for them.
A spy in my own ranks.
The first soldiers march in March, scouting for sunny days.
When April comes, my eyes itch and my nose runs, hiding in fear from what comes next.
By May, it is a full war waged in petals, pistons, and stamen.
Bees join forces with the flowers, the wind is blowing against me.
I am under attack.
But I have reinforcements, too.
Each morning I take my medicine and strengthen my defenses.
No more itchy ears that fill with fluid.
No more crusty eyes that will not open.
The hazy battlefield clears.
A beautiful garden grows, like a monument to our struggle.

About the Writer

Melissa Rotert

Melissa Ruth Rotert has a particular soft spot for middle grade fantasy that adds a dash of magic to the contemporary world, such as her debut SUE B AND THE RIDDERS. As a former educator and artist, Melissa embraces the concept of ‘play to learn’ both in life and in her writing. Born in the Midwest and raised in Western New York, Melissa is an avid Buffalo Bills fan who enjoys exploring every day with her family.