The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What's a Garden For?

What’s a garden for?
I’ve asked around but no-one
Seems to know
Why they’re making gardens
Now that never grow.

Gardens that can’t abide
The green excess of Spring;
That take absurd offence
At every flowering thing.

These deserts with their artificial
Sod are sad-looking for a reason:
They’ve lost the will to grow
And die season after season.

The passing birds have flown away
That stopped to twitter-on
And all the bugs they used to peck
Have packed their bags and gone.

Hedgehog screws his grubbing snout
And goes another way
And Mother Fox has found a better spot
For her four cubs to play.

So don’t buy ‘clean and tidy’
Rolls of plastic turf -
Plant instead your little corner
Of the wild for Mother Earth.

About the Writer

Andy Nuttall

Andy grew up in East Lancashire. He lives in the North-East of England where he works in social care. He has a children's poem currently published in Spellbinder Quarterly and has adult work showcased on the Iambapoet platform (Wave Six) curated by the poet Mark Antony Owen. He has appeared in Acumen Journal last year.