The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What to Be?

Listen to Linda ...
When I grow up …
I might be a marine biologist,
Diving the ocean depths with whales;
Or a spot on weather forecaster,
Warning of heatwaves and gales.
I might be an eminent Prime Minister,
My portrait hanging in Number 10;
Or perhaps a brave clock face cleaner,
Dangling high from our Big Ben.
I might be a passionate palaeontologist,
Finding a new species of dinosaur;
Or an inquisitive tooth-loving dentist,
Peering deep into infinite jaws.
I might be a pioneering architect,
Designing the first city on Mars;
Or an excited connoisseur taster
Of all the best new chocolate bars.
I might be a super-skilled pizza spinner,
Making mouthwatering Margherita;
Or a world famous, ingenious inventor
And you’ll hear me shout loudly, ‘Eureka!’
I might be a colourful stage actor -
‘Oh no, I won’t do pantomime!’
Or a clever first class detective,
Quickly cracking every crime.
I might be a prize-winning super scientist
And find a cure for a nasty disease;
Or a green-hearted environmentalist,
Passionate about hugging the trees.
I might be a muddy booted gardener,
A flask and robin for company;
Or a vibrant virtuoso violinist,
Solo in an orchestral symphony.
I might be a busy NHS angel,
Tirelessly flying that extra mile.
But, when I grow up … I’ll always be a kindness sharer
And light the world with my smile.

About the Writer

Linda Middleton

Linda is a lifelong lover of writing and began sharing her passion for rhythm and rhyme last year. Her work can be found online and in magazines, including The Caterpillar and Pure in Heart Stories. She enjoys supporting children with their learning and teaching RE in a primary school in a leafy corner of England. In her spare time when she is not writing, she can be found wood wandering, beach strolling and ice cream tasting.