The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What the Nose Knows

I don’t suppose
there is a nose
more famous than

His snozzle shows
by how it grows,
he’s telling lies.
This tale arose

to caution those
whose porkies pose
a future full
of direst woes.

So why the nose
and not the toes?
The story tells us
how it goes:

Each whopper shows
upon the nose
for all to see –
and as it grows

its owner knows
this will disclose
his errant ways
to friends and foes.

When lying shows
upon the nose
the truth is out –
the whole world knows.

About the Writer

Kate ONeil

Kate O’Neil lives in the Illawarra region of NSW and writes poetry for children and adults. Her poems appear in magazines such as The NSW School Magazine and The Caterpillar, and anthologies by Roger McGough, Roger Stevens, Matt Goodfellow, Mandy Coe and The Emma Press. In 2018 her ‘Cool Poems: the Kate O’Neil Reciter’, was published by Triple D Books Wagga Wagga.