The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What is Love?

One word is not enough for all my loves.
I love my dog, marshmallows and my Mum.
I love the sea, my books and turtle doves,
but what I feel is different for each one.

So what is love? I think it is a tree,
with many branches spreading wide and high.
Rooted in my heart, each love will be
unique as tree limbs reaching for the sky.

A twig may last a season, that is all.
A shoot will take a while to find its form.
A bough will strengthen, growing broad and tall,
surviving through an angry thunderstorm.

One word is not enough for all love’s ways,
but I have love enough for all my days.

About the Writer

Rhona Stephens

Rhona grew up in Northern Ireland, went to university in Wales, moved to England for a while, then headed north of the border to live in Scotland. She loves words and music, living in the country and visiting the coast - especially the north coast of Ireland.