The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What am I?

I'm a fast-tumbled sock
I'm a car, just stopped
I'm a dog's wet tongue
I'm a sweaty run
I'm a new-boiled kettle
I'm pedal to the metal
I'm a bare foot on midday sand
I'm a much-twanged elastic band
I'm microwaved cheese
I'm a chilli sneeze
I'm a Christmas Eve fire
I'm a deep fat fryer
I'm a tough gym sesh
I'm a doughnut, oven-fresh
I'm a long hand-hold
I'm the opposite of cold …

About the Writer

Attie Lime

Attie writes and performs poetry for children, and owns a poetry parrot called Marjorie. Attie's first collection for children will be published by Otter-Barry Books in 2025.