The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What am I?

I'm a fast-tumbled sock
I'm a car, just stopped
I'm a dog's wet tongue
I'm a sweaty run
I'm a new-boiled kettle
I'm pedal to the metal
I'm a bare foot on midday sand
I'm a much-twanged elastic band
I'm microwaved cheese
I'm a chilli sneeze
I'm a Christmas Eve fire
I'm a deep fat fryer
I'm a tough gym sesh
I'm a doughnut, oven-fresh
I'm a long hand-hold
I'm the opposite of cold …

About the Writer

Attie Lime

Attie Lime likes walking in fields, playing UNO, and new stationery. She has children’s poetry featured in Northern Gravy, Little Thoughts Press and Parakeet Magazine. Attie also enjoys nonsense poems and making up words. Twitter @AttieLime