The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What If?

What if …
Odd patterned socks were sold in pairs,
The milky moon sailed strangely square,
Midnight lost its starry spangles,
Saturn wore tinkly triangles,
Everyone talked all day in rhyme,
Clouds showered sharp lemon and lime,
Rainbows marched zebra monochrome,
Medusa’s hair swallowed her comb,
Saint George fainted with dragon fear,
Summer days were lost from the year,
Encyclopaedias ate knowledge,
Poor Goldilocks disliked porridge,
Swift weakness befell Hercules,
Seas bobbed bright green with mushy peas,
Pebbles awoke to feel and think,
Sands shone sparkly flamingo pink,
Cheetahs became slothfully slow
Sleepy sloths found fast-racing toes,
Fields of cows forgot how to moo
And the sun set brilliant blue?

All of this would surely be fine …
As long as you’re a forever friend of mine.

About the Writer

Linda Middleton

Linda is a lifelong lover of writing and began sharing her passion for rhythm and rhyme last year. Her work can be found online and in magazines, including The Caterpillar and Pure in Heart Stories. She enjoys supporting children with their learning and teaching RE in a primary school in a leafy corner of England. In her spare time when she is not writing, she can be found wood wandering, beach strolling and ice cream tasting.