The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What I Say VS. What My Body Says

I’m wide awake
There’s no use trying to remake that
It’s time for me to sleep until I wake
I’m all hyped up on cupcakes
Even if
I have a right good tummy ache
It won’t last
If we play the games I’m ready to partake
I’ll agree to a give-and-take
I’ll sleep when I’m tired, I say with a handshake
I’m sure to break because
I’m staying up until daybreak
There’s no way
The sky beyond my window is past opaque

(Now read bottom up)

About the Writer

Sarah Steinbacher

Growing up Sarah wanted to be a teacher, writer, mom, and lawyer and she considers accomplishing three out of the four a win. A former national curriculum writer with an Ed.D. in education, she now enjoys writing children’s books that don’t shy away from life’s ups and downs. She lives in South Carolina with her husband, three children, three cats, and a tortoise. Follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahSteinbac11