The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What Have the Teachers Ever Done for Us?

Listen to Mark reading his poem ...
So they say thank a teacher
but what have they done?
Hugged you when sad?
Cheered when you won?

Magicked a tear
into a grin?
Unearthed a talent?
Lifted your chin?

Invented moments?
A Memory unleashed?
Sparked up the neurons -
a trillion at least?

Steered a bad day
through stormy seas?
Anchored a year
and blessed it with breeze?

But after inspiring
and raising your roar
what are those teachers
really there for?

To personify love.
Define your own noun.
Alliterate D.
“Don’t dull yourself down!”

Multiply trust.
Subtract the fear.
Dividing regret.
Adding a gear.

Light up a bulb.
Dissect a brain.
Classify joy.
Hypothesise pain.

Teach you to catch
a handful of hope.
Showing you how
to ski your own slope.

Collage a dream.
Painting with pride.
Sketch out the truth
that scribbles inside.

So yes, thank a teacher
for all that they do,
for changing a life,
for helping build you.

About the Writer

Mark Bird

Mark lives in London but is originally from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. He is a teacher and children's writer. He has been published in Brian Moses' recent anthology: The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems as well as by Gill Education and The Caterpillar Magazine. His poem, “Halloween Date from Hell” is due to be published by Ventorros Press in 2022 and will be illustrated by Chris White. Mark has his own blog and website: