The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What Colour is your Umbrella?

Listen to Helen Openshaw reading her poem
Yellow, like the midday sun?
Or red like the feeling when the school bully
Calls you names.

Is it green like the tall meadow grass,
Or orange like the warm glow in your tummy
After eating chocolate pudding.

Perhaps it’s purple – the colour of Mrs Farran’s fence,
Or pink like soft falling blossom.

Mine is blue, like the dancing sea.
If we joined them all up,
Could we make a rainbow?

Come and meet me at Mrs Farran’s fence
And we can catch the rain together
With our spread of rainbow colours.

About the Writer

Helen Openshaw

Helen is a Drama and English teacher from Cumbria. She enjoys writing poetry and plays and inspiring her students to write. She has had a short monologue commissioned by Knock and Nash Productions. Recently published and upcoming poetry work in Secret Chords by Folklore publishing, Green Ink Poetry magazine, Open Door magazine and Fragmented Voices.