The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

What Christmas Decorations Talk About

Down from the attic a dusty box is taken, from it come the voices of Christmas decorations. Brought into the light after long hibernation – perhaps glad, after all, they’ve not been forsaken …?

With her head in her hands the fairy, in tears
Said ‘I really dislike this time of the year,
I’m allergic to pine - the needles tickle,
I’m alone on the treetop, in a real pickle.’
At least you’re fixed firm said the small wooden bear’,
I’ll be spinning round, sea-sick in mid-air.’
Smart tin soldier sighed ‘You’ve no comprehension,
how tired I get, just standing to attention.’
‘How about us?’ said the antique golden stars,
Fearful of breaking – the most delicate by far.
‘Don’t get your wires tangled,’ the string of lights cried -
‘For me there’s the prospect of hanging outside -
It’s freezing out there in the snow and the rain,
Year after year - exactly the same…
Out in the cold from December - that’s certain
Some of our neighbours (just peep through the curtain)
Have already started to string coloured lights,
Our family, thank goodness, don’t think that it’s right,
They say ‘December the first is early enough,
For decorations to be hung and stockings stuffed’.
Snow globe shook himself and sniffily opined.
‘What makes you think that they won’t change their minds?’
Calmly wise tinsel then said – ‘I’m inclined.
to avoid all this moaning and gently be twined
around pine scented branches and simply shimmer,
reflecting light with a warm golden glimmer.
Let’s agree - we should make the best of the season,
try to give children a legitimate reason,
to see wonder in the world and find together,
peace and harmony that lasts forever.’

So, to the tree the decorations were taken, and wise old tinsel was not mistaken. The joy of the children was unconfined … and as for discomfort … they really didn’t mind!

About the Writer

Kit Weston

Former primary teacher and school librarian, Kit is an enthusiastic reader and creative writer, who runs poetry workshops for children. Living in The Garden of England, she takes inspiration from everything – though the natural world and the children she is privileged to teach do feature. Her poetry has appeared here (The Dirigible Balloon), Parakeet Magazine and has been used in schools from Tonbridge to Bristol! One of her poems has recently been translated into Croatian on behalf of JAR a Juvenile Arthritis Research charity, very close to her heart! You can find her @Kit_weston1.