The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

We Girls

Listen to this masterclass from Nina Parmenter ... wonderful!
Each daisy’s a piece of the moon
strewn on the welcoming grass,
waiting for fidgeting fingers to pass
and weave it in bangles and bows.
Those are not alleys, they’re dens -
we seize them, we lose them, we take them again,
and dance as our dynasties grow.
Pavements and bollards and walls
are obstacle courses that shift as they call;
hop-trip with our quickstepping feet.
Sweet is the lure of the slopes,
as laughing we log-roll and slip-slide and hope
to emerge with our kneecaps complete.
Meetings in hedge-huddled homes,
stones which are amulets,
sticks which are witchety wands,
bonds that we build as we talk,
chalking graffiti and hopscotch wherever we walk.
Home with the set of the sun,
running, at one with the fun of our world …
We girls sing to a time-honoured tune –
each daisy’s a piece of the moon.

About the Writer

Nina Parmenter

Nina lives in the Wiltshire Countryside and writes poetry for humans of all ages. Her children’s poetry has previously appeared here and in Better Than Starbucks, and her poetic offerings for adults can be found scattered through journals and books of all descriptions. Some of her flightier poems have unfortunately escaped, and she hopes to round these up from the flight deck of the Dirigible Balloon.