The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Kay reading her poem ...
Wanderlust is the poet's work,
the trusty and gallant launchpad to an author's globe of ideas.
It is the gold and rubies from an island's treasure chest of stories where you can find a new beginning and then discover its finale and never need to worry that the Storytime must come to an end.
And when accompanied by an inventive and talkative illustration and twisting intricate maps of your creative nature trail to adorn each journey, they are as unique as the art you can find with each turn of a kaleidoscope of gleaming colour glass and paper shaped gems.
Some say be wary of wanderlust because it could turn into a distraction to your day.
They say days must have directions, lists and cluttered spaces to untangle.
But travel is the floret of friendship that can only bloom if you venture outside the comfort of your door.
There is a world of innovative lights and attractions.
They are all within your clasp, and if a poem makes you think of taking steps and tourism, travel, and dreams,
Why not take the poem with you and embark on all your mighty dreams?

About the Writer

Kay Medway

Kay works full-time in libraries and enjoys both reading and writing poetry in all of her free time. She has had poetry featured in a positive news local community zine called The Happy Hood. Kay has also written poetry regarding her family history stories for 60 Miles by Road or Rail in her local community.