The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Listen to Rhiannon reading her poem ...
My pencils are sharpened and ready to write,
My polished shoes glint in the soft evening light,
My coat’s on the hook, my bag’s by the door,
I’m not sure I can wait any more.

My book bag is tidy, the books have been read,
My sandwiches cut from a fresh loaf of bread,
My uniform fits me and sits in the drawer,
I’m not sure I can wait any more.

My toenails are trimmed, my face is scrubbed clean,
My hair bounces about with a freshly washed sheen,
Everything’s ready, I’ve done all my chores,
I’m not sure I can wait any more.

My bottle is filled and waits in the fridge,
I’m not feeling nervous, well, maybe a smidge,
But I’ve talked to my nerves, gave them what for,
And soon, I won’t have to wait any more.

My friends are all ready, my teacher is too,
Just one sleep until we head back to school!
There’s nothing that I could be more ready for,
And, tomorrow we won’t have to wait any more.

About the Writer

Rhiannon Oliver

Rhiannon is an actress, writer, workshop leader and mum from Cardiff. She graduated from RADA in 2004 and has performed with companies such as Shakespeare’s Globe, The National Theatre, BBC and Sky 1. Rhiannon started sharing her poems in Spring 2021 and has upcoming publications in Nawr Magazine, and anthologies with Nine Pens Press and Arachne Press. In June 2021, she was named Spoken Word Runner-Up in Poetry for Good, a national poetry competition celebrating key workers. She has recently started writing poetry for children and is currently working on a rhyming middle grade adventure story.