The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Up in the Baobab Tree

Up in the Baobab tree I stand
Its bough is broad and firm beneath my feet
As I gaze out at the treetops.

If I lived on this Zanzibar island
With its white sands and calm turquoise sea
When you could not find me
This is where I’d be
Here on the broad high bough of the Baobab tree.

About the Writer

John Dougherty

John Dougherty is the award-winning author of more than thirty books for children. He was one of the first Patrons of Reading in the UK, and loves to perform at school and festival events. His new rhyming picture book, The Hare-Shaped Hole, will be published by Quarto in 2023, followed by his second poetry collection from Otter-Barry Books.