The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Under the Bonnet Sonnet

I love my cars as much as I love mum
I love to look under the bonnet, hood
The pipes and tubes and wires that gently hum
The engine rumbles, chugs and sounds so good

Air filter, block heater, crankshaft that turns
Dipstick and engine oil and the fuel pump
Glow plug and heater moves heat as fuel burns
Ignition, shiny keys and the oil pump.

Smooth power-steering, the radiator
The spark plug and the throttle all are there
The valves and water and the locator
My love for car engines, beyond compare.

All parts work hard to make the car run well
I love the sound, the feel and yes the smell.

About the Writer

Kirsty Tomlin

Kirsty writes and illustrates picture books, short stories and poems for children. She lives in beautiful Derbyshire with her three children and husband. She has been a primary school teacher in a past life and has worked for a number of children’s charities. When she is not writing and drawing, she can be found walking, playing, throwing stones in the river and reading to her lovely children.