The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Twenty-Eight Waxwings

over forests of pine
over rivers of ice
over mountains of snow
over stormy cold seas

over hill tops and moor
over streams and brooks
over oak woods and birch
over fields and ponds

over hamlets and farms
over canals and lanes
over cities and towns
over pitches and parks

over college and church
over cafe and store
over houses and road
over parked car and path

they came to this tree
where white berries hung

About the Writer

Louise Crosby

Louise is an illustrator, poet and retired teacher who lives in West Yorkshire She enjoys playing with words and images and often illustrates poems as comics and has designed poetry book & magazine covers. She has poems published in anthologies including Under the Radar 29, (Nine Arches Press) and for children, Dragons of the Prime: Poems about Dinosaurs (The Emma Press), Tyger Tyger 3 and Toy 3 (The Toy Press).