The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Tweeter Wars

“Pah”, says the wren, the martin says "Phoo,
It’s ungrammatical to say, ‘to who’ -
Any birdie that’s been to school
Should have learnt the pronoun rule.”

Let the wren fret, the martin fume
Let them correctly say ‘to whom’.
The maverick owl, he sleeps all day
Doesn’t give two hoots anyway.

About the Writer

Radhika Chadha

Radhika is an author and artist. All her writing – on investment and innovation, picture books and scripts for dance and theatre – is woven around stories. She has written seven picture books for Tulika Books, including the Baby Bahadur series, Basava and the Dots of Fire, and her poem, A Well Is Born was part of Tulika’s anthology, Water Stories From Around the World. She lives in Bangalore, India, where she works on mixed media sculptures and teaches Writing KidLit.