The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Tugs and Tales

Listen to Hazel reading her poem ...
The brush gets stuck in my hair.
Where did this knot come from? Dad asks.
Playing pirates at the beach, I tell him.
There were dragons too.
And this sticky bit?
Triple decker mint choc chip ice cream.
It was yummy
and windy.
Dad inspects a clump below my left ear.
What about this hard bit?
Might be glue. I made a pom pom animal when we got home.
A koala with tufty ears.
They fell off.
Dad carefully picks at the knotty mess.
Your hair’s had quite a day, he says.
The best, I tell him.

About the Writer

Hazel Knox

Hazel loves writing poems and stories for children. She was very proud to be a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardee in 2021 and is equally proud to be a children’s occupational therapist. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Hazel’s hobbies include running, sometimes for fun but mostly because she’s late, and looking for her phone that she’s put down somewhere. Twitter: @hazel_knox