The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Trickling Ideas

Pootling, doodling, mooching in the house,
Scurrying, hurrying, squeaking like a mouse,
Prancing, dancing, performing arabesques,
How many ways to avoid sitting at our desks?

Cleaning, preening, finding things to do,
Knitting, sewing, even cooking up a stew!
Researching, perching, talking cockatoo,
I can’t sit and write today, do you feel it too?

Reading, feeding imagination, that’s the way,
Listening to stories, dreaming through the day,
Finding new ideas when your rivers run dry,
Words create pictures to make your mind fly!

About the Writer

Fiona Halliday

Fiona has enjoyed and written poetry all her life. She has fond memories of family members sharing poems with her from a very early age. Fiona has taught in primary schools, across the age range, for the last twenty years and specialises in literacy. She loves language, learning and laughter. She also likes alliteration! When she isn’t teaching, reading or writing, Fiona enjoys playing the flute, spending time with her family and drinking copious amounts of tea!