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Top Ten Tips for Trainee Tiger Teachers

Listen to Julie Anna read her poem
1. Tiptoe tentatively at all times.
2. Tell tigers that trainee teacher teasing, taunting, tormenting or TASTING will not be tolerated.
3. Take tons of tantalising treats (trifle, truffles, tic-tacs, tacos etc)
4. Try tacky-tape-time-out tactics with talkative tigers.
5. Treading on tiger tails leads to tremendous tension and terrible tragedy.
6. Tackle temper tantrums with tummy tickles.
7. Treat touchy, timid tigers with trepidation.
8. Take note of tough, trouble-makers with ‘Trainee Teachers are Toast’ tattoos.
9. Tactfully tempt tenacious tigers with treacle toffee tart.
10. Tuesday at two is ‘Trampoline Time’ - a tornado of tangles, tumbles and TEETH. Take tranquilizers!
Picture by Neil Black
Picture by Neil Black

About Neil Black, the illustrator: Neil is a teacher by day and illustrator by night as well as juggling being a dad to three, a husband and a puppy owner! Based in Northamptonshire, he has an ambition to illustrate a children’s book one day.

About the Writer

Julie Anna Douglas

Julie has been writing poems for as long as she can remember and many of them have found homes is beautiful magazines like The Caterpillar, Ladybug and Spider and in poetry collections by The Emma Press and MacMillan Publishing. She particularly enjoys combining poetry and art in workshops for children and her first poetry collection 'Painting Poems' illustrated by Jools Wilson is full of colourful poetry and creative ideas. Her next book is full of poetry maps and will be out soon!