The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Tomorrow Is A Sparrowhawk In Flight

Seven years old and fairy tales in your head
all you ever wanted was to save the world
but it’s not quite your time yet.

You watch the flower moon and sing a song
you just hope all of nature can hear
to know that someone cares.

You protect the birds and bees
grow giant sunflowers and put out seeds
everything is so simple and clear.

You are mesmerised by the moon and stars
by beguiling birds and the changing skies
you see the future in them.

The whole world is visible with such intense clarity
so obvious the clear purple path to skip down
just have to persuade the world to join.

Fantastic futures beckon bright
you see the spellbinding light
transfixed and bewitching.

The life you will lead and the journeys you will encounter
inspired and inspiring, different voyages
the future laid before you, blessed with red carpets

to create a million memories, magnificent
to live a life of dreams, significant
your future bright and brilliant, waiting for you.

Your world mapped out already, personality shines
unencumbered by the past, no flaws or hesitation
the inner spirit and strength of a warrior

fly, fly, sparrowhawk, into fairy tale lands, the future
embraces you with unicorns, fairies and magic
you can be anything, everything, carpe diem.

About the Writer

Peter Devonald

Peter is a poet and screenwriter living in Manchester. 2022 Selected for The Poetic Map of Reading project and the Chronically Online/ Culturable/ Layered Onion Group Show. Also published in Haus-a-rest deconstruction, Dwell Time Press, Tales of the Underbanks (3rd in award), Bolton Breakdown: reawakening, Heaton Post, Cheadle Post, Didsbury Post and 20 publications in previous years. 2001 Heart of the Heatons best poetry winner. Multi-award-winning screenwriter including Children’s Bafta nominated. 150 festival screenings. Formerly senior judge/ mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys).