The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Today I Am

Today I’m a princess,
Dressed in a gown.
Later I’m a witch,
Wearing a frown.
Wings on a fairy,
Crown on a king,
Tail on a mermaid,
A microphone to sing.
A knight in shining armour,
Rescues my teddy.
Mom waiting at the door,
“Are you ready?”

Today I’m a monster,
Gobbling all my meals.
Later I’m fancy,
Wearing high heels.
Glitter on my face,
Sword in my hand,
Treasures in a chest,
I’m off to join a band.
A wand for my wishes,
A hero or a crook?
Today I do dress up,
Of characters in my book.

About the Writer

Deirdre Laide

Deirdre is a primary school teacher living in the kingdom of Kerry, Ireland. When she is not working, Deirdre can be found combing the sandy shore for sea glass with her three little girls, swimming in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean or walking the woodlands.