The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Nothing’s quite as cosy
as when your cold cheeks are rosy
from a stroll in icy rain
Your damp feet are done with puddles
so you’re ready for a cuddle
now you’re safely home again

After you’re all through with walking
you put on your driest stockings
hang your soggy coat to dry
Hear the stove go tick, tick, hiss
knowing soon will come the bliss
of the tea kettle’s sharp cry

Hear the clink of metal spoon
gentle swirling means that soon
you’ll be taking the first sip
The hot cocoa gently steams and
isn’t it the stuff of dreams
as it passes through your lips?

Hear the pop, which means the toast
is finally ready. Well, almost
Something’s missing from the slice
With the butter knife you spread
golden goodness on the bread
Sprinkle cinnamon for spice

Looking out to watch the storm
as your hands are getting warm
Have you ever been so snug?
There is no rainy-day pleasure like a toasty, crunchy treasure
and sweet magic in a mug

About the Writer

Karla Kane

Karla is an award-winning writer, editor and musician based in California. Best known as the leader of the indie-pop band The Corner Laughers, she lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology. She loves oak trees, ancient history, indoor cats, cozy cups of tea, public libraries and playing make believe.