The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Time for Lunch

Yummy grumble tummy,
it must be time for lunch.
I’ll find something scrummy,
I need to have a munch.

Nothing in the cupboard,
it is completely bare.
Just like Mother Hubbard,
with no food anywhere.

Food is all I think of,
I crave a tasty treat.
Crisps and dips with bacon,
then maybe something sweet.

Gurgle rumble belly,
it’s getting louder still.
I could fancy jelly,
my insides need a fill.

I call out for Mummy
“I’m hungry, please come quick.
You must fill my tummy,
it’s getting quite drastic.”

Mummy sees I’m fed up
“Oh darling, please don’t whine.
Breakfast’s barely over,
It’s only half past nine!”

About the Writer

Catherine Londero

Catherine is a mum to two boys aged three and six. Having been diagnosed Autistic late in life, it led her on a journey of self-discovery during which Catherine entered the world of children's stories and more recently poems. She writes stories with neurodivergent characters and also online articles charting her experience of being neurodivergent without knowing for so long!