The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Three Chairs for Christmas!

Grandma, old Mr Chen and Mum
Are on our three good dining chairs.
(Mum stashed the fourth, with its wonky leg,
In the cupboard under the stairs).

The baby’s in her highchair,
Squeezing a sprout and giggling.
My cousin’s on the kitchen stool.
He’s been told, ‘No wriggling!’

My sister’s on her Space hopper,
It’s not at its best anymore.
I know it has a puncture,
By pudding she’ll be on the floor.

Dev carefully cleaned the garden bench,
For Natasha and Uncle Pete.
(Last year a spider caused chaos
When it crawled out, to join us, to eat).

Auntie Lou’s loving the desk chair.
She’s spinning, no sign of her stopping.
Dev’s on two crates of building blocks
With a mermaid cushion topping.

I started off on the beanbag,
But from there I could only see knees.
The cat jumped into the dent I left
And settled in looking pleased.

I’d had this fantastic idea.
I never thought they’d agree,
But Christmas dinner was getting cold,
And a place was still needed for me.

I can see them all from up here.
Three cheers. Hip hip hooray!
The stepladder is my Superseat.
It’s the best ever Christmas Day.

About the Writer

Jane Trenholm

Jane loved being a primary school teacher in Jersey and Hong Kong but her favourite job was being an ‘IMPS Trainer’. Sadly, no tiny magical creatures were involved but teaching first aid to classes visiting an Oxford hospital was great fun. Jane enjoys writing for children and is pleased to have poems on The Dirigible Balloon and Tyger Tyger magazine.