The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

This Year

Listen to Ian ...
This year it’s time to start anew
Goodbye old me, enough from you
My life will be quite different. How?
I’ll change before your eyes – ka-pow!

First I’ll be kinder to my friends
I’ll settle beefs and make amends
Pay J.D. back for that milkshake
Help Mo to find their ball at break

And I can work on getting fit
(Though Lycra makes me look a twit!)
I’ll do twelve sit-ups when I wake
And maybe eat a bit less cake

I know I could improve at school
Work hard rather than act the fool
I’ll get my homework done on time
And through the maths sets I will climb!

Then learn to play the glockenspiel
And how to cook my sis a meal
Attempt to scale a mountain range?
Believe in myself for a change

This year it’s time for something new
Goodbye old me, enough from you
I’ll change before your eyes – ka-boom!
I might even tidy my room

About the Writer

Ian Brownlie

Ian lives with his family in Marlow, Bucks. His prospective middle grade novel, Solomon Brown from Hero Town, was longlisted for Searchlight's Best Novel Opening for Children or Young Adults. Twitter:@herotownbook Website: