The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Things to Make Today

Today I’m going to make
A frothy strawberry milkshake,
The chocolate chip cookie jar bare,
A careful neat friendship repair,
A silky conker pocket gain,
Perhaps a toothpaste uniform stain,
A real effort to try my best,
A tissue pet pebble nest,
A soft wish upon a silver star,
Rose petal perfume in a jar,
A diplodocus out of clay,
For teacher, a bright daisy bouquet,
Hullabaloo in the playground,
A trumpet bottom tooting sound,
Mum cosy with a warm cuddle,
A splish, splosh, splash in a puddle,
A muddy squish-squelch in my wellies,
The wibbliest, wobbliest of jellies,
A planet pledge to see Earth grin,
A trip to the recycling bin,
Forest friends with cheery tree hugs,
A snug hotel for homeless bugs,
Patterns with a kaleidoscope,
A shimmery, shiny rainbow of hope,
Shadowy storm clouds blow away
And a dreamworld golden gateway.

Today I’ll make a difference someway …
And try my best to make someone’s day.

About the Writer

Linda Middleton

Linda is a lifelong lover of writing and began sharing her passion for rhythm and rhyme last year. Her work can be found online and in magazines, including The Caterpillar and Pure in Heart Stories. She enjoys supporting children with their learning and teaching RE in a primary school in a leafy corner of England. In her spare time when she is not writing, she can be found wood wandering, beach strolling and ice cream tasting.