The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The World, Generally

Philosophy, a world not furnished
Science, for eternal letters
Law, for righting wrongs with rules
Medicine, for making us better

Stars, for staying up at night
Seas, for letting it slide
Sun, for seeing daylight
Moon, for moving tides

Brothers, for secret business
Moms, for milk and honey
Sisters, for rough seas
Dads, for guidance and money

Poems, for the pouring rain
Homes, for a place to be
Beds, for making breakfast in
Love, for all the world to see

About the Writer

Jasper Glen

Jasper Glen is from Vancouver, Canada. His poems appear or are forthcoming in Posit, Streetlight Magazine, BlazeVOX, Amsterdam Quarterly, Tofu Ink, fauxmoir, Pinky Thinker Press, NiftyLit, The Antonym, Phantom Kangaroo, and other journals.