The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The White Onyx Elephant

Listen to Sarah read her poem ...
There once was a white onyx elephant
carved of angles and light,

he sat opaque upon the high windowsill
and gathered the stars at night.

No one knew what to do with him and his
candyfloss coloured exterior, by day

thinking his thoughts very quiet,
sat on his mushroom like a cumulus cloud

perhaps calculating measures and distance
but never saying his sums aloud.

Over the years he’s been tidied away
and several house moves later, I don’t quite know

what’s happened to him but he’s completely
disappeared, perhaps he got in a rocket ship laden

with space age gear, up through the clouds
to stars so bright and maybe he got to the moon,

or maybe he just went away for a while,
and perhaps we’ll see him soon.

About the Writer

Sarah Wallis

Sarah is a writer based in Scotland, with work published in journals cross genre, poetry, flash fiction and stage. She has x2 chapbooks out in the world - Medusa Retold @fly_press / Quietus Makes an Eerie @dancinggrlpress, with one due in May 2022 How to Love the Hat Thrower from @SelcouthStation. Her website is and she tweets @wordweave