The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Water Cycle

Listen to Brian reading his poem ...
As the rain breaks and falls,
the stones wake up
and shake the earth
from themselves.
They stretch,
but do not feel the benefit.
Each one a map
of craters and cracks,
their roughness carved
by glaciers now long gone.
They gaze up
to see if they can spot
a drop they know
from those solid
But the rain
has no time to catch up,
it has a world to shape,
and so the rocks

About the Writer

Brian Mackenwells

Brian Mackenwells is an Irish writer, living in Oxford. Despite being quite tired, he has written for the BBC Boring Talks about pencils, told stories on stage about not getting sick in zero gravity, performed standup about strange superheroes, co-wrote a full-cast audio drama every month for five years, and his Irish-language film-poem ‘Cur Síos‘ was chosen for the ‘Irish Selection’ category at the 2021 “ó bhéal” Irish poetry festival.