The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Visitors

Listen to Mab reading her poem ...
I am a space invader
But I did not invade space
I came here on a holiday
To meet the human race

I came here with my family
We floated down in rows
You saw us and you thought
We were invading, I suppose

But that’s just how we travel
It’s our space species tradition
We’re really peaceful creatures
Making friends was our mission

We do not enjoy fighting
We did not want a war
Then you started shooting
So we sped up even more

We thought if we could reach you
We could tell you why we’re here
But you shot and shot, such a lot,
And simply could not hear

When we said “we’re not invading,
We just came to say hello”
We were too high up in the sky
For you to hear below

And so we keep on coming
And we’re speeding up our pace
And we hope one day you’ll hear us say
“Hello, dear human race!”

About the Writer

Mab Jones

Mab Jones is a "unique talent" (The Times). She writes in every form, for both adults and children. Her most recent poetry collection is Yubitsume (Indigo Dreams) and she has a book of eco spirituality out soon with Moon Books. She's written for the New York Times, presented on BBC Radio 4, and runs events and workshops, as well as the annual Love the Words international poetry competition. Mab lives in Wales, UK. Find her on social media: @mabjones