The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Visitor

Nobody knew where he came from
And nobody knew why
He turned up at our school one day
Just dropped out of the sky
We asked him what his name was
But giant squids are shy
The teachers said, “No Squids Allowed”
The squid began to cry

Softly at first, just sniffling
Then whelping, yelping sobs
“If giant squids can’t go to school
How will they all get jobs?”
We wondered to our teachers
Who stood like useless blobs
As tears pooled around our feet
And snot dripped down in globs

“It’s just,” said the headmistress
Offering up a giant tissue
As she turned to us, explaining
“That his tentacles are the issue
They’re longer than the school itself
And wide enough to squish you!”
“Go back to the ocean, giant squid
Go deep, where they won’t fish you”

And so he sadly slid away
To where, we don’t quite know
Our school, you see is miles inland
Where was the squid to go?
So next time you play poohsticks
Just watch the river flow
You never know who’s lurking
In the waters, deep below.

About the Writer

Rebecca Loveday

Rebecca is an emerging children’s poet from Portsmouth, England. She loves writing in rhyme and storytelling through poetry. Rebecca also works in a nursery where she supports children with additional needs. She lives by the sea in a house filled with interestingly-shaped pebbles and too many notebooks.