The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Valley

Listen to The Valley ...
Down in the valley of letters and words
Limericks graze in their rhythmical herds,
And sonnets leap round in iambic bounces
While lyrics chase rhymes with lithe little pounces.

And flocks of acrostics fly through the trees
Where riddles and kennings bicker and tease,
And ballads and odes and ancient haiku
Slumber in pastures that heroes once knew.

And down by the waters, the elegies sprawl
And far in the distance, the narratives call,
And similes flutter like bright little birds
Down in the valley of letters and words.

About the Writer

J H Rice

J H Rice writes poems. Sometimes he does this on purpose but a lot of the time poetry just seems happen to him. He used to worry about this but, since meeting lots of other poets, he has realised that it's perfectly normal. A lot of poems happen to him when he's walking his dog, Rosie.