The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Treasure Chest

Here is my treasure chest, open it and see
the things that are important to me.

Here’s a little seashell, smooth and bright.
I found it down by the shore one night.

Here’s a shiny penny from a far off place
with a sideways man and his sideways face.

Here’s a fallen leaf, all glossy and red.
I was going to crunch it but I kept it instead.

Here’s a funny pebble with a bright white ring,
I saw it on the ground when I was on the swing.

Here’s a birthday candle with a crunchy wick
and caked-on icing that I could not lick.

Here’s a postcard Granny sent when I was three.
I love it when the post is just for me.

Here are all my treasures, in this chest.
All the things I love the best.

About the Writer

Gillian Spiller

Gillian Spiller is a Scottish poet and children’s author, who has spent many years living and teaching in S-E Asia, E Asia and the Middle East. She is the author of four picture books, The Blue Sock (2019), Star Sailor (2020), On The Shelf (2021) and A Shell for Cleo (2022) by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. (Asia). Her poetry for children is available on the British Council’s Learn English Kids website, as well as here on The Dirigible Balloon.