The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Sounds of Fall

A cool breeze wooshes by my ear.
“Summer is over,” it whispers.

Leaves fall and gather in piles,
Crunching under my feet.

A bonfire snaps and sparks
On a chilly autumn night.

School bells ring in welcome
As students return to school.

My lazy dog curls up and sighs
In front of our crackling fire.

A cold wind howls in my ear.
“Winter is near,” it warns.

About the Writer

Theresa Gaughan

Theresa is a third-grade teacher living in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is an avid reader and has a very extensive collection of children's books. The first poem she ever shared with others was written in fourth-grade. It was titled, I Have to Pay Attention. Her teacher asked her to make it into a poster that she later displayed in the hallway. Ms. Gaughan has no memory of the lesson that she missed while writing the poem.