The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Sorrow of St. Nicholas

an ubi sunt

Where are the sugar cookies snowpacked in royal icing?
Where are the double pecan thumbprints?
Where are the shortbreads squiggled with peppermint?
Where are the gingerbreads
who are cute as a button,
and dance in the land of the sweets?
Where are the chocolate chips
and toffee bits?
Where are the cocoa-dusted snowballs?
Where are the peanut butter blossoms
and buttery jam diagonals?
Where are the candy cane meringues
and sweet S’more crème pies
shaped like my true love’s five golden rings?
Where is my plate of Christmas cookies?
’Twas the mouse, he played a trick
and has been stirring about after all.
He ate the goodies left out for St. Nick,
’tis the season for crumbs to deck the halls.

About the Writer

Damon Hubbs

film & art lover / pie bird collector / lapsed tennis player / author of four chapbooks --his latest, "Rimbaud's Lighthouse," is forthcoming from Naked Cat Press. He lives in New England. @damon_hubbs