The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Snowman

I wanted to make a snowman,
But there was no one else around.
So I did it on my own,
With whatever could be found.

Since I didn’t have a hat,
I used mom’s best cooking pot.
Pouring out all of the soup,
So it wouldn’t be too hot.

I knew that our last carrot,
Had been eaten by a goat.
So for a nose my snowman,
Has my dad’s TV remote.

I had no branches for his arms,
And everything was gloom and doom.
But then I thought of grandma,
And borrowed her mop and broom.

My snowman was almost finished,
Now there was no turning back.
His eyes were grandpa’s new golf balls,
But first I had to paint them black.

When I was finally done,
I called for all to come and see.
But believe me when I say,
No one was smiling but me!

About the Writer

Raymond Betancourt

Raymond is a writer and visual artist originally from Brooklyn NY, now living in Massachusetts. He has long been interested in creating work that appeals to children.