The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Sleep Before Christmas

Wrapped up in waves of warm flannel,
my circus of plushies guards my sleep.
The white tiger, blue button eyes unblinking,
sits atop the pile,
soft fur matted with well-snuggled stripes.

I hug my teddy bear tight,
head stuffed with dreams.

Outside, a hint of sleigh bells in the air.

The bedside window, winking with multicolored bulbs,
keeps watch.

About the Writer

Kendra Cardin

Kendra creates a safe harbor for herself with poetry and storytelling. She loves speculative tales and enjoys imagining new and familiar characters to befriend. Her writings have been featured in various publications including Little Thoughts Press, Blink-Ink, and SĂ­dhe Press's Glisk and Glimmer anthology.